If you are familiar with the work of so-hot-right-now Spanish artist-designer , chances are you would have known this was one of his interiors at a first glance. Oh, and also from reading the title, but that would be cheating. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Mr Hayon’s signature playful style oozes out of every corner of this interior. Am I right? Well thanks… I know, I’m always right. Except when I’m wrong.

In redesigning the historic  in Paris, Hayon manages to seamlessly blend the original heritage elements of the interior, with his signature retro-modern, voluptuous aesthetic. The highly textural original stone and timber structure is contrasted with the smooth and curvalicious furniture and lighting. The neutral core palette is beautifully complemented with blonde timber, luscious deep green upholstery, white marble, mirror and a healthy dose of on-trend gold bling. Even though this interior is sharp, polished and very grown-up in many ways, it still doesn’t take itself too seriously – full suit of armour in the front window, mirror shaped as a knight’s helmet, giant illustrated statue and large whimsical artworks are all perfectly pitched tongue-in-cheek elements suggesting that dinners at Le Sergent Recruteur don’t have to be all that serious.

He’s a little bit all-right this Hayon guy, isn’t he? Funny that. Innit?


Le Sergent Recruteur // 41 rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile , 75004 Paris.

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