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Dearest Yellowtrace friends,

This is the third time I’m signing off for the year which is a little bit crazy to me. In fact, I just read my “farewell posts” from 2011 and 2010. Do you ever do that with the stuff you write? Do you keep a diary and go back to read where you were at a year ago or even much longer than that? Keeping a journal is something my parents instilled in me from an early age, and I am so grateful to them for giving me that gift. In this fleeting and incredibly fast world we live in, it is so special to travel back in time and revisit your own ideas and thoughts… Half the time I laugh at my younger self (especially in my early 20s – far out man), and other times I am surprised and even a little inspired… Anyway, where were we? Right-o!

Running a special posts series during the holiday season has become a Yellowtrace tradition – this is where I revisit all the posts in the various categories I cover, and give you the chance to dig through the content from the year that’s been. Oh man, even I have forgotten some of the delicious stuff we’ve looked at this year – there’s some seriously juicy design p*rn I’ve shared with you, if I may say so myself. I’m feeling all hot and sweaty just thinking about it… Ahhhhh, ! Anyway, these posts will run daily from 27th December through to 11th January. I will be back on deck and resume my regular posting from Monday 14th January.

Again, I just really wanted to thank you for reading this blog, and for all your support. I am so grateful that you like to hang out with me on these digital design pages. Also, thank you so much to those who completed our survey, and all your invaluable feedback. The giveaway winners were drawn yesterday and will be ed by e-mail very shortly (I’m not sharing their names/emails here in order to protect their privacy – hope you’re all cool with that).



And so I leave you with these stunning images of the mesmerising light tunnel in Japan called ‘Winter Illuminations’. This event takes place each year at , a botanical garden on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana. This light show uses millions of sparkling LEDs, and it runs from early November through to end of March. Isn’t it just incredible? I thought it was the most fitting way to mark this silly season, and wish you a sparkling New Year and Extremely Happy Holidays. I hope that 2013 brings you every bit of Awesomeness you desire and deserve. But you are probably going to have to dream big and set some goals, right? I know, I know, I say this every year but it’s so damn true… I sincerely look forward to hearing about your achievements and sharing in all of our collective success. Onwards and upwards we go!

Love, love,
Mama Yellowtrace xx

- Kurt Vonnegut.

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    Wow, xmas illuminations on steroids!
    To you too, Dana & Yellowtrace team, all the best wishes for a wonderful stunning bright awesome 2013!

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    What a year. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing so much inspiration with us. You make it look so effortless but I’m sure it’s not as simple as that. All the best to you and your little family for 2013 xx

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    Happy holidays to you and your family. Love reading your site. Look forward to reading more in 2013.

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    Merry Christmas Dana and team Yellowtrace. Thank you for sharing so much sparkle, inspiration and stimulation every single day. Hope you have a great break and enjoy first Christmas for baby Yellowtrace. How special!

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    I found your blog via a Google search since I am currently travelling Japan and was in Nagoya. What a sight to behold! I was visiting the place with a bloke I just met and although the sights were awesome, there were many young couples there. Just a warning if anyone chooses to venture out there on their own.


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