Vora Villas in Santorini by k studio | Yellowtrace

Vora Villas in Santorini, Greece by K-Studio.

Designed by Athens-based K-Studio, Vora Villas is the true definition of a boutique hotel. There are only three rooms, carved into the side of a volcanic rock on the island of Santorini. In designing Vora Villas on the Greek island of...
Rural Guesthouse in Spain by Lucas y Hernández-Gil | Yellowtrace

Rural Guesthouse in Spain by Lucas y Hernández-Gil.

La Hermandad de Villalba is a picture perfect, family-run guesthouse in the semi-rural Extremadura region of Spain. Madrid-based studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil overhauled the 18th-century building while retaining key original features such...
BURSA Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine by Balbek Bureau | Yellowtrace

BURSA Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine by Balbek Bureau.

Ukraine-based architects Balbek Bureau have completed BURSA, a Bauhaus-style concept hotel slash art gallery in Podil, the cultural centre of the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The 1900 sqm site comprises two old buildings, 100 and 200 years old,...


Cloister House in Perth, Australia by MORQ Architecture | Yellowtrace

Cloister House in Perth, Australia by MORQ Architecture.

MORQ Architecture have completed the Cloister House in Perth, Western Australia for a couple in search of a house that provided them with a sense of refuge. “The name is not so much a typological reference to the cloister but instead a...
Selected Projects by Seoul-Based Design Studio LABOTORY

Selected Projects by Seoul-Based Design Studio LABOTORY.

Seoul is a complex metropolis of cultural extremes. Residents embrace Western cuisine and European designers, yet simultaneously honour and appreciate traditional crafts. These paradoxes extend to design, with towering glass skyscrapers...
House in Estrela, Lisboa, Portugal by Aires Mateus | Yellowtrace

House in Estrela, Lisbon, Portugal by Aires Mateus.

The sheer concrete facades of Estrela House stand out amongst the slightly ramshackle homes that surround it, on a suburban street in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Adding to the non-tradition, local architects Aires Mateus included a...