I don’t know about you, but all the Christmas shenanigans really get to me each year. The commercial side with all the compulsory, obligatory, meaningless, wasteful and often impersonal gift giving drives me crazy! Kris Kringle this, Secret Santa that… Honestly!

If all that money could instead be donated to those of us less fortunate, rather then buying stupid shit for people like stapleless staplers {that’s one of my all time “favourites” I’ve received from a work Secret Santa. Oh, and the best part is that it can only do 4 pages at a time. Awesome!}

Anyway, I realise that not everyone is the same and some people love Christmas and everything that comes with it. And I love it too. For me, Christmas is about quality time spent with the family sharing delicious food prepared with love.

And if you absolutely had to buy me a gift, then here are just a few of my favourite things.

W08 Lamp by Studioilse {available from }

Ring Table {by }

Cherner Armchair. Ok, and a table! Designed by Norman Cherner, 1958. {from}

Acapulco Chair by Oficina Kreativa.

Clementine sideboard {from }

Dreamland cushions {from }

D-LUX 4 Digital Camera {so that I can share photos other then just those taken with my iPhone!}

Moscow collage by Kat Macleod {from }

Some good books and magazines.

Mormor ceramic tableware by Gry Fager, inspired by retro tea towels {from }

Oh yes please! Butterfly Chrysalis wall plates {from }

Anything from the Printemps Ete 2010 Collection {by }

Handmade Porcelain Fortune Cookie Ornaments by Rae Dunn {from }

All expenses paid trip to Paris would be nice too.

But what I really, really, really want is a lil suckling pig on the spit.

Is that wrong?

Must be my ethnic upbringing.

x d

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    Had suckling pig last night at St John.

    I embrace a month of salad-eating to recover!



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