Art, Graphics + Illustrations // 2012 Archive on Yellowtrace.


01 | Unfinished Portraits by Colin Chillag. 02 | Human Paintings | Alexa Meade & Sheila Vand. 03 | Mark Powell’s Bic Biro Drawings on Vintage Envelopes. 04 | Embroidered X-rays by Matthew Cox. 05 | Digital Art by Andreas Nicolas Fischer. 06 | Neon Art by Daniel A. Bruce. 07 | Mind Bending Installations & Sculptures by Anish Kapoor. 08 | Paper Art by Lisa Rodden. 09 | Tillman Kaiser // The Truth And The Abstract Blues.


Art, Graphics + Illustrations // 2012 Archive on Yellowtrace.


10 | Tillman Kaiser // The Truth And The Abstract Blues. 11 | Jonathan Saiz | ALKAHEST. 12 | Superstar Illustrator Olaf Hajek. 13 | Social Art From The Obsolete by Nick Gentry. 14 | Wall Piece with 200 Letters | Mikko Kuorinki at Kiasma Museum in Helsinki. 15 | Mogollon | New York. 16 | BryJin | Creative Collaboration Between Photographer & Illustrator. 17 | Architectural Art by Drew Tyndell. 18 | Music Packaging and Visual Identity for Troberg by HelloMe.


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