…so there I was, standing in the middle of one of those really beautiful squares in Milan, waiting for my friends to finish doing whatever they were doing… you know, get money out of an ATM/ buy a bottle of water/ text their boyfriend etc. I was amusing myself by taking photos of my {very sore} feet and imagining which apartment would be the nicest out of all of the ones I could see standing there {do you ever do that?}

And then I spotted the most beautiful semi circular windows in one of the buildings in front of me and I thought to myself – “Wow! Check out those amazing windows! How cool would it be to see that apartment…” When my friends came back, I pointed the windows out to them, and we set off on our path of exploring the Brera area, not really sure what we were going to see next. Almost immediately we noticed the next sign indicating yet another design installationy thingy, so we walked through into a beautiful courtyard and realised – “Oh how brilliant, it’s . This should be pretty beautiful.”

And it was pretty beautiful indeed. It was amazing actually. A maze of rooms with the most exquisite kitchens and more incredible styling. Jaw dropping stuff. And then – the crowning jewel. The Boffi Appartamento.


Here are some photos I took, which definitely don’t do this apartment any justice.

Oh and you probably guessed it by now… Those amazing windows… Yes, yes, they were actually the Boffi apartment. Crazy or what?!

Another one of those I’ve just died and gone to heaven moments.



How happy do we look? And tired. But mostly really happy. Btw, that’s me with the super talented and clever Jo and Mark from  in London who are designing a bunch of restaurants for . Super cool. Follow their tweets .

And just because this apartment was so damn beautiful, here are some more images I found .

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    Li-Ann Scott

    Thank you for sharing! I’m a confused architect turned stationery designer and it’s always so great to see purely great masterpieces like this.


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