Hong-Kong based design house AB Concept opens their newly renovated creative studio in the city’s vibrant Causeway Bay. Past the front door lies the living room and lounge area, dotted with garden plants, bicycles and book shelves. The area features an eclectic collection of vintage furniture, artwork and design pieces from across the world, gathered over more than a decade by Ed and fellow co-founder Terence Ngan, making for an inspiring and visually engaging workspace.

The atelier, which serves as the headquarters for AB Concept’s work, features a generous area for the design, styling and technical teams and ample space for perhaps one of the largest material libraries in this industry. It also boasts four creative spaces that can serve as communication hubs or gallery areas, a state-of-the art bespoke kitchen and gym. “We believe that the best design ideas do not necessarily spark when you are sitting by your desk, but while you are relaxing at home”, says AB Concept’s co-founder Ed Ng.

The heart of the studio is The Garden, being the focal point for discussion on all projects, and a physical manifestation of the integral role-played by the two co-founders in the design process. Like the rest of the atelier, the space is completely open plan featuring a bespoke and innovative Pages Cabinet, the design of which is extremely flexible and can be adapted from open shelving to closed cupboards, changeable over time. The aim was to create a transparent environment while providing a versatile solution to the constantly evolving requirements of the space.


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