The extremely awesome Stockholm based studio  designed these stunning cement floor tiles for , which were released at the recent . The CKR trio travelled to Morocco to gain an understanding of the local tile making industry and applied their learnings when creating these contemporary tiles which use traditional materials and old production process, blending it seamlessly with their signature Scandinavian aesthetic. Ahhh, they are sooo beautiful, no?


Dandelion is a hexagonal tile influenced by patterns from Japanese textile prints and lacquerware. 


Casa is a hexagonal tile which is inspired by Arabic geometry.


Stone is made up of three different square tiles which can be mixed and installed randomly, creating an almost endless possibility of different layouts.


These tiles come in three different patterns – ‘Dandelion’, ‘Stone’ and ‘Casa’ – with each design available in several colors. By laying the tiles in various ways, each pattern opens the opportunity to create several new macro-patterns. See all the available colours and layout possibilities .

Extreme love!


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    Oliver @ Sabi Style

    Its funny how something that appears so simple at first glance can be so strong.

    These are just amazing!

    I love their mix of organic shapes and geometry
    And I really like their colour palate!

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    I die. I was just looking for some special floor tiles for a retail interior. I hope there is a stockist in Australia – anyone know?

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    Suzie Wiley

    Hi guys I did a bit of research, email them and they will sell to your direct on [email protected] i think they will be pricey as the website quotes 1550 kro which will be $200ish a m2. i found an alternative through vietnamtiles. they are supplied by elite in woolloongabba brissy for $70/m2 v nice in the hand, cool colours, patterns aren’t as sexy but you can design your own with a minimum of 16m2 (not too much) with a $200 design setup fee. really exciting!

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    I have seen some of these tiles “Dandelion” for instance, at Tiles by Kate in Manly Vale (Sydney). The price is very good compared to the Swedish site mentioned above. Sadly though, they didn’t seem to have access to the full range of the tiles by this designer

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    they are also available in Teranova tiles in Waverley and Willoughby for around 149 a sq metre. Apparently they are the importers.


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