Classic Brazilian Furniture, Curated by Yellowtrace.


Brazilian design has a long and rich history that has produced many classics – classics that have made the Brazilian Furniture and Design industry world-famous. Today we give you an overview of some of the most iconic and classic Brazilian furniture pieces. Our selection of products consist of pieces from leading designers and the great masters such as Sérgio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin, Campana Brothers, Martin Eisler, Oscar Niemeyer and many more. These are the designers who have incorporated the richness of Brazilian popular culture and it’s traditions, together with their own characteristics. We couldn’t feel any more Thrilled about Brazil than we are looking at these beauties. Enjoy!

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Classic Brazilian Furniture | Yellowtrace

01 | Tree Trunk Bench by , designed in 1954.
02 | Xibô Table Lamp by .
03 | Dinamarquesa Armchair re-edition by / photo © Etel.
04 | Chalesko Lounge Chair by , designed in 1970.
05 | Irmãos Bed by for Edra.
06 | Oscar Armchairs by .
07 | Tonico Armchair by .
08 | Chifruda (Aspas) Armchair by , designed in 1962.
09 | Verão Rocking Chair, manufacturer by .
10 | Cabinet by for L’Atelier, designed in 1965.


Classic Brazilian Furniture | Yellowtrace


11 | signature Bowl Chair re-edition by , designed in 1951.
12 | Tea Trolley by , designed in 1950.
13 | Table by , designed in the 1970’s.
14 | Kilin Chair by .
15 | Rosewood Sofa by Martin Eisler and .
16 | Armchair by Martin Eisler, designed in the 1950’s.
17 | Vermelha Armchair by .
18 | Rio Chaise, manufacturer by and designed by Oscar Niemeyer.
19 | Diz Armchair re-edition by  / photo © .
20 | Mole Sofa re-edition by  / photo © .
21 | Five-door Credenza by Martin Eisler, designed in the 1950’s.



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