, the fourth international presentation organised by , in partnership with , is a product design exhibition that invited contemporary designers to create everyday objects and utensils made out of Portuguese stone. The exhibition brought together seven highly acclaimed designers from around the world, resulting in eight exquisite objects designed for everyday use.

The exhibition is the result of a process that delved into themes associated with the relationship between design and natural materials, and its subsequent role in contemporary society. Common Sense also called for contemplation on the idea of common sense and simplicity, both of which are sometimes lost in times of great technological advances and formal and functional complexity.

The designers who took part in the exhibition include (Brazil), Campana Brothers (Brazil), (Portugal), (Portugal), Jasper Morrison (United Kingdom), Michael Anastassiades (Cyprus), and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec (France). The exhibition was curated by .

Common Sense was presented in two different venues: first at the famous Glass House (‘Casa de Vidro’), inaugurating on the 1st of August and was open to the public from 3 – 27 August. The exhibition also showed at the MADE design fair, which took place at the São Paulo Biennale Pavilion from 9 – 13 August.


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[Photography credits as noted.]


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