Davidpompa creates contemporary objects with a strong commitment to Mexican identity and craftsmanship, focusing their process on merging the essence of the materials with innovative forms, creating elegant and simple objects. “We celebrate the essence of Mexico in every step of our production,” explains David Pompa, the founder of the young brand.

Founded in 2013, Davidpompa settled in the heart of Mexico City with their showroom and production located in Roma Norte, a neighbourhood boasting a plethora of French-style buildings from the beginning of the 20th century.

In reinventing their showroom, Davidpompa has created a space offering an experience of the materials used in the making of their lighting, providing insight and inspiration into their essence. Dubbed ‘The Material Space’, the showroom unveils the origins of Davidpompa’s products, with materials being their starting point.

“We have created a series of compositions, juxtaposing raw materials with finished products, opening a space for conversation and highlighting the relationship between them,” they said. The space offers “a closer insight into the process, offering a visual context and a deeper understanding of Mexican heritage and identity.”

Rather than presenting the lightning in a traditional way, metal bars, rough multicoloured copper, raw brass and big rocks fill the showroom. Raw metal surfaces and stones reflect the brand’s affinity for honest materials, creating a space with a conceptual layout, overlapping planes and raw finishes.


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