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Design Days Dubai is the leading fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects. Now in it’s fourth year, the fair presented design from leading international designers and galleries alongside up and coming designers from across the world. The fair also presents a strong non-commercial programme consisting of education, workshops, installations and live performances. Here are some of this year’s highlights.


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Rope Light by Christian Haas at Design Days Dubai 2015 | Yellowtrace

Rope Light by Christian Haas at Design Days Dubai 2015 | Yellowtrace

Rope Light by Christian Haas at Design Days Dubai 2015 | Yellowtrace


Rope Light by Christian Haas presented by Gallery S. Bensimon // A soft look and textile touch, energy-efficient technology, are combined to create an innovative light source and distinctive design object. Unlit, the lamps provide a graphic statement to their environment. Lit, they diffuse a gentle ambient light. Each light is handmade, unique and numbered.

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Boomerange Bench Design Days Dubai 2015 | Yellowtrace

Photos © David Ross.


Lala Surma I & II drink cabinets by Dokter & Misses presented by Southern Guild Gallery // South Africa brought a piece of its very strong design scene to Design Days Dubai thanks to the . Established in 2008, Southern Guild is a Cape Town-based platform that showcases high-end South African design on a national and international level. The gallery exhibited 16 designers including the Johannesburg based . Founded by husband and wife Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin, Dokter & Misses presented a new special edition drink cabinets featuring bright, graphic patterns inspired by the mineral body painting of the nomadic Surma people of Ethiopia.


Design Days Dubai 2015 // The Oru Series by Aljoud Lootah | Yellowtrace

Design Days Dubai 2015 // The Oru Series by Aljoud Lootah | Yellowtrace


The Oru Series by Aljoud Lootah // With a keen interest in the idea of contrasts in form and function, composes her creations by mixing traditional silhouettes and concepts with modern elements. In “The Oru Series,” a collection of geometric furniture and decorative objects, the pieces take inspiration from origami forms. The name “Oru” originates from the Japanese words “to fold”, and the idea behind the designs is to show that folding a flat, two-dimensional sheet can create aesthetically appealing functional three-dimensional forms. The multi-faceted products with their complex folds coupled with sophisticated simplicity, are a modern interpretation of an ancient form of art.


Design Days Dubai 2015 // Ardeco Gallery, Ettore Sottsass for Memphis Milano | Yellowtrace

Photo courtesy of Ardeco.


Tahiti lamp designed by Ettore Sottsass for Memphis Milano at Ardeco Gallery // Recently , welcomed , a new cutting edge collection of eye-popping furniture and accessories made in Italy. Created on the initiative of the iconic architect , this great cultural phenomenon of the early 80’s has become an almost mythical symbol of “New Design.” For Design Days Dubai, the gallery focus’ on its ethos of bridging modernity and old-world glamour, establishing and creating a dialogue between Mid-Century decorative art and contemporary, yet timeless, furniture.

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Design Days Dubai 2015 // Birdsmouth Table by Adam Goodrum | Yellowtrace

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Birdsmouth Table by Adam Goodrum for Broached Commissions // Australian design represent! The Birdsmouth Table is a highly functional and symbolic piece. It incorporates a central tool of empire, the mast, into a beautiful jewellery-like element that punctuates the Chippendale inspired tabletop at each of the leg standing points. The table has eight legs, each with a brass castor, and six drawers lined with kangaroo skin. By carefully uniting a selection of mechanical and formal influences,  has created a table that is mobile, eccentric and highly functional.


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