It’s a truth universally acknowledged that dogs are our best companions, the shining light in our lives, and basically just endlessly charming bundles of joy that make coming home all the sweeter. For anyone with a pup or pooch in their lives—this project by Beijing-based will definitely warm your heart. Titled Dog House, it’s hardly the place you’re sent for the night when you’ve upset your spouse.

The home has been designed to be a calming sanctuary for a German shepherd with diminishing health and his doting owner. The puppy parent wanted to create a serene world where their best friend could touch and perceive—so About Architecture selected colours and materials specifically to suit the sensibilities of the pup. In the home, there is not one, but two specially-designed dog bathrooms, and a basement activity space (as well as upstairs living areas for humans).

Dogs really do see the world differently to us: research has suggested they can only see shades of yellow and blue. To create depth, distance, and motion for the dog, About Architecture applied just two sets of colours. Calm colours like lake blue, dark grey, navy blue and light grey play with vibrant colors such us roseate, goose yellow, and sky blue. Lights have been softened through diffusion and semi-self-illuminating materials. Ramps and barrier-free showers were designed following long-term observation of the dog and owner, and one bathroom includes a special examination table for the dog’s routine check-ups. His sensitive joints have been catered for too, with soft flooring and medical-grade waterproof coating on stairs and ramps in all of the areas he presides.


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