“MISS MAPLE“ ( 2010). Pendant lamp made of maple wood, textile and steel. Get out!


“WOODEN TEXTILES” ( 2009-2010)




Wooden Furniture. Photos by Sebastian Neeb.


Woooweee! More incredible talent to share. This time I bring you the work of incredible German designer . Seriously, this chick is mega hot. I bookmarked her site a few months ago, but then it got buried in my enormous “to be blogged” bookmark collection, until I saw  about her on and I decided that I had to blog about her IMMEDIATELY.

Elisa uses familiar materials, such as wood and paper, in an unconventional way. Her wooden textiles, carpets and lamps are broken down into a grid of triangles, which transforms a rigid material into a flexible three-dimensional malleable form. Genius.

Oh and Elisa is only 28. As one of my friends would say, she a pretty talented kid.

Check out  for more jaw-dropping hotness.

CUT & PASTE wallpaper. Isn’t it just exquisite?


“Thermochromics” translates a temperature change into a colour change. Elisa investigated how this effect can be used to make a radiator, a utilitarian and everyday object, become a part of interior decor. Awesome, right?

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    Wow! Now that is really something… She reminds me Linda Florence’s work They both completed the MA Textile Future degree at CSM, which it seems is one of the best textile courses to be on if the sheer quality of work that comes out of it is to be judged… Amazing. (I did the BA Textiles: Weave there and the quality of student that attends CSM is what that place is all about.)


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