Bangkok-based studio has created a collection of stools and side tables that draw inspiration from traditional door and window frames called Framemust. Seems like a fairly humdrum source of creativity if we’re honest, but with a dreamy gelato colour palette, clean lines, and iridescent panes layered with gradient colour, this series is anything but bland.

Led by Thai designers Mew Kamonwan and Lalita Kitchachanchaikul, Femme Atelier’s modus operandi is reinventing everyday objects, redefining their original purpose into something a little more colourful and unique. While we would have said that re-imagining the humble doorframe is a challenge, the duo have come up with something quite enchanting. The Framemust collection includes two tables and two stools, with extruded aluminium profiles as the bases in powder-coated colours like pistachio green, strawberry, and sapphire.

In place of a glass panel as you might expect to find within a door or window, the designers have inserted an acrylic sheet with colour shading created through a process of UV printing, which uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure the ink as it is printed. For Mew and Lalita, it seems the table and stool series can act as a sort of metaphoric doorway or window—offering an escape, to a new, more vibrant world.



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