For first New York City store in SoHo, set out to create an atmosphere of earthy luxury within a compact footprint. Mixing materials such as cast concrete and rough plaster with more polished elements like onyx, brass, and suede results in a subtle blurring of casual and refined, creating a layering of textures that provides a soft and calming backdrop to Linda Farrow’s iconic glasses. The concrete floors, made to extend the New York City sidewalk within, are balanced against two large marble walls that frame the retail space and create separate areas for the collection.

Visitors are encouraged to meander around the main display, which upon first glance resembles an abandoned pile of concrete beams. Upon closer view, these beams are carved out to reveal a soft suede interior delicately embracing the collection. The mirrors and displays are custom designed by Studio Giancarlo Valle, while the green velvet chairs are by Dimore Studio. Tick, tick, tick.


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