Designed by Osaka-based architecture studio , Gigi Verde is an atelier that creates custom flower arrangements for party and event spaces, in addition to serving as a retail flower shop. Flowers are intrinsically beautiful. Flower arranging plays different types of flowers against each other to create dynamic expressions.

One element that changes the expression of Gigi Verde’s space is the arch. Acting as the hero within the space, the arch becomes a central element, defining the role of others in the space. Movable fixtures allow for flexible layouts. Adding flowers, plants, and lighting to the arch creates a space reminiscent of a wisteria trellis. The project also represents a novel flower arrangement proposal for an event space.

Structural supports are painted grey to bring out the colours of fresh flowers. Fixtures are made from concrete panels, and the designers utilised the roughness of the existing concrete floor. A partition in the back of the store goes up to hip level, limiting visibility of the work space during busy times without concealing the movement of people, creating a vibrant and active space. It’s a space that enhances the constantly changing arrangements and expressions of flowers.


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    Marvelous! All the different types of plants and their bright colors truly create a very dynamic tone of the entire room. Plus they can let flowers grow and ‘climb’ up the arch, it will really be a closed garden.

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    Another unique and wonderful flower designs. The colour combination of the flowers are lively and compliments the room. It is so pleasant in my eyes seeing the flowers. Good job team.


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