The latest member of the Haymes family tree, the Artisan collection, brings together a unique range of hand-crafted, imperfect, textured finishes designed to inspire bold use of paint to creatively transform the look of any space.

This incredibly diverse new collection offers a variety of new surface coatings for both external 
and internal applications. The diversity in the range 
is achieved both through the various techniques that provide a multitude of finishes and textures, as well as the breadth of the product range itself. The ability to experiment with the products across the range is exciting, offering new finishes and textures that can be constantly expanded.

“We developed the Artisan Collection to invigorate people’s imaginations, allowing them to see what is possible through using paint products innovatively. Whether it be exposing what lies beneath with the rawness of interpreting finishes that simulate materials like concrete or stone, or adding a touch of luxe with beautifully-designed metallic,” explains Haymes Colour & Concept Manager, Wendy Rennie.

“We want to offer exciting alternatives to our commercial segment offering up finishes that challenge and push the status quo by using these unique effects through texture, surface and colour,” Rennie continues.


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The collection is divided into three core product ranges; Surface, Metallics and Textures, each with its own colour palette and application techniques. This extensive range of finishes, textures and colours provides the opportunity to create dimension and inject personality into any space.

Surface offers an extremely versatile finish: one product, four applications; Bloom, Brushed, Gravity and Industrial, supported with a range of eighteen custom colours,
each being developed to offer a unique look.

The Metallics range was inspired by a recent trip to Milan, where high-end finishes were mixed with natural materials, with a strong focus on surface diversity. The collection encompasses Matte Polish, Metal Trace, Real Iron and Real Copper as well as an Oxidising Patina, each offering gritty, high-end qualities with an ultra-premium finish.

Textures is a highly diverse range that pushes boundaries in both residential and commercial settings. Each of the textured finishes, Rendercoat, Mortar, Soft Chalk and Sand, are available in their own colour ranges. These were designed to suit the product and have been carefully considered in the context of where they will achieve the best results.

Haymes Paint released its innovative new colour trends model – The Colour Library – in 2016, which provides more regular updates on the latest colour stories and trends. The next release, Volume 10, will be launched in early 2018.


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Haymes Celebrates 80th Birthday With Colour Through The Eight Decades.


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