Studio Modijefsky was invited to design the interior of ; a new Bar/ Restaurant in a historic building on the corner of Tiendplein in Rotterdam. The building was previously divided into two commercial spaces, one of which was a cigar shop. As part of the recent renovation these spaces were combined into one brighter space. With windows on all three sides, the interior offers great visual connectivity with the square and the neighbourhood. The space is orientated towards the street and the square; centrally positioned, the bar strengthens this concept. Around the bar, the rest of the space forms itself, consisting of an open space on the ground floor, a subterrain and an entresol area.

Analysing the features of the existing building, such as the curved window frames, the shapes and forms derived from this analysis has been used to create an identity for the new restaurant. A combination of lines and circles has been used to define the space with handrails, dividing panels, staircases and frames. Belgian stone, which was used on the original façade of the building has been brought in and used in the interior, creating a stroke on the floor and shaping the bar. Other interior elements such as the wainscoting on the walls, and the custom made lamps which compliment them, refer to the previous use of the space as the cigar shop.

The most outstanding feature of the interior is the bar with an army of lights hanging above it. Cylinder light tubes emphasise the glass rack while round light bulbs hang between metal plates above the coffee corner and bar front. These shapes also relate to the graphic identity of the space.

The choice of furniture has been carefully made considering the different zones created in the space. A lounge area is designed in the lower split level and is furnished with a leather bench and seats with small round tables. A dining area in the entresol consists of a wooden table against the railing looking out into the interior and square zinc tables with leather chairs. A group table stands in front of the bar and creates a line between the dining and the bar area on the ground floor.

A unique use of colour, form and material can be seen throughout the space, red steelwork frames following the borders of the split level creating a distinct atmosphere. The kitchen on the other hand is framed with a marble block and steel panels and stands next to a mirrored staircase leading downstairs to the bathroom.

Arriving from the street, round red and grey sunshades cover the arched windows while revealing a glimpse of cylinder lights lined up above the bar. The graphics appear once again on the façade and long windows urging the viewer to step inside and experience the Holy Smoke.


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