Aman Resort, New Delhi, by .

Devi Ratn, Jaipur, by Aniket Bhagwat.

Kainoosh Keya, India, by Lotus Design.

Laurens Church, Rotterdam, ‘A Monument Filled With Stories’, by .

Numero Bar, Brazil, by .

M Coffee, Tehran, by Hooba Desin.

The Japanese Restaurant ‘Hanagoyomi’, Kobe, by .

The Johnnie Walker House, Shanghai, by .

Wienerwald Corporate Architecture, Munich, by .

Niseko Look Out Café, Japan, by SEIBU Kensetsu.

Mister Close, Melbourne, by . (Read my interview with and  from last year.)

Motto Am Fluss, Vienna, by .


is an inaugural design festival celebrating the finest interiors and their creators. It will run from 2-4 November in Barcelona in parallel with the already hugely successful .  will consist of  a series of curated events, talks, installations and a prestigious awards program judged by an esteemed jury of internationally respected designers and key industry figures (including my personal hero .) The winner of Inside will ultimately walk away with the World Interior of the Year Trophy. Ummm… that sounds pretty serious to me.

Now… Why am I telling you all this. Because this year’s was announced not that long ago and I wanted to share with you some of my favourite projects. I should also mention that I find events that celebrate and recognise interiors on a world stage hugely exciting. For years architects have celebrated their achievements with a number of prominent world festivals, yet interiors don’t seem to have too many of these kinds of events. Perhaps this is due to the fact that interior designers mostly hate talking about their work and avoid public speaking in general. Ok, I realise that this is a sweeping statement but I’ve had this discussion with a number of my peers and we all came to the same conclusion. Interesting, isn’t it?

Project Dragon, Hong Kong, by .

Chanel Soho, New York, by .

The White House, Athens, by .

Strelein Warehouse, Sydney, by .

The Club Hotel, Singapore, by .

One Loop Apartment, Singapore, by Matthew Lai.

Shophouse At 18 Everitt Road, Singapore, by Matthew Lai.

Ipes House, Brasilia by . (I blogged about Marcio’s work back .)


Anyway, what I was really wanting to tell you is this – I was beyond excited to look at the project , only to find myself somewhat disappointed. I know – what? Well, the truth is I was expecting that each shortlisted project was going to be remarkable and outstanding. Although there were a number of projects I loved (clearly – just look at the bombshells I am showing you here), I am sorry to say that quite a few left me feeling unimpressed and disappointed. It seems as though most design awards get mixed in with a bit of politics as I really cannot see the reason why at least one third of the projects deserved to be shortlisted. It appears as though the organisers were aiming for a good selection of projects from as many different countries and sectors as possible. Perhaps I am way off course with this comment, but the bottom line is that I found a big number of projects which, in my humble opinion, did not deserve to be shortlisted. I know, I’m such a party pooper sometimes.

If you have time, you can all projects in . Once you’ve had look at a few I’d love to hear what you think.

Also, no post on Monday. I’m taking the long weekend off. Hope you are too…

x dana

Hotel Nuts, Tokyo, by .

Alemanys 5, Gerona, by .

Hostem, East London, by .

Pollen Street Social, London, by .

Scala Vinoteca, Athens, by .

P-box, Athens, by .

Table No.1, Shanghai, by . (Previously blogged about .)

Studio Sc, Sao Paulo, by .

The Waterhouse Hotel, Shanghai, by . I previously blogged about this hotel .

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    I get your annoyance. National Australia Bank and Sydney Airport Terminal One….hmmmm….not exactly riveting stuff.

    I must say I do love the first pics of the interiors from India. Gorgeous and intricate and full of soul.

    Jumping on your discontented bandwagon D, what I also don’t get though, is if they want to be political and include a broad cultural range of projects, why do Interiors from the Middle East always fail to get a mention. I’m not talking about the tacky stuff in Dubai, but the real stuff throughout the greater East…some cities that are rebuilding after years of internal conflict, like Beirut, have some exciting stuff going on design-wise. They deserve some commendation I think. It’s good for world peace. Haha.

    Great selection of projects Dana.


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