Milantrace 2018, The Definitive Milan Design Week Review Presented by Yellowtrace in Partnership with Living Edge


Dearest Yellowtracers,

I feel super proud and crazy excited to announce that MILANTRACE is back! If you’re new around here, MILANTRACE is our big annual project that brings unparalleled coverage of Milan Design Week & Salone del Mobile via our digital report and live talks around Australia. And let it be known that MILANTRACE 2018, the definitive Milan Design Week review presented by Yellowtrace in partnership with , will be bigger, bolder and, dare I say, better than ever before. Woohoo!

It’s incredibly exciting to continue to build on the success of MILANTRACE , 2015, 2016 and 2017 and our ongoing relationship with , our Principal Partner for MILANTRACE 2018. We are also proud to be working again with  as our airline partner, who we will be flying with all the way to Milan.

In order to respond to the growing demand for MILANTRACE, this year we are moving our Sydney and Melbourne talks to larger venues (National Arts School in Sydney and Deakin Edge at Fed Square in Melbourne). Winner, winner, chicken dinner! MILANTRACE talks have been described as the next best thing to being in Milan, minus the blisters. And look, I might be biased here, but I have to say I couldn’t agree more. Our 90-minute jam-packed talks feature thoroughly researched design content and honest, intelligent and witty commentary by yours truly (yes, I’m hilarious!), arresting original photography, and specially produced videos showcasing highlights & behind the scenes from the entire week.

People often ask me what our secret is to delivering MILANTRACE. How do you do it? It seems impossible! And my answer is always the same: it takes a huge amount of preparation (and experience); a whole lot of love and passion for the subject; and our small but highly capable A-team that takes no shortcuts. Our ‘special sauce’ is doing things the old-fashioned way—being legit, knowing our $hit, leaving no stone unturned, and working super hard in general to deliver the very best experience and value-for-money for our audience.

Tourismandhotels will spend the entire week (16th to 22nd April 2018) on the ground in Milan, deploying our superhuman ability to source striking and inspiring content, stopping at nothing until we’ve combed the fair and the city on your behalf. Upon our return, we will report on some of the highlights from Milan right here on these pages, in parallel to delivering a  which will bring a little slice of Milan to the Australian design community. We will also be offering for purchase online access to the exclusive uncut MILANTRACE 2018 E-Report. The 2018 E-Report will be delivered in a slightly different format to the one offered last year, but it will still contain everything presented in the talks, additional information we simply couldn’t fit in our jam-packed live events. Our E-Report will be made available following the completion of MILANTRACE 2018 Talk Series, and it’s currently only available with event ticket purchase.

Oh, and one more thing! You may have noticed that MILANTRACE has a more grown-up look thanks to our slick new branding (which I love, love, FREAKING LOVE – thank you , you absolute legend!).

I seriously cannot wait to reveal more MILANTRACE 2018 deliciousness in the coming weeks. As always, I feel so profoundly grateful to you all for your ongoing love and support for this ambitious project, which makes the gruelling workload that’s about to ensue seem completely worth it.


A little video from our Milantrace 2017 Sydney event. (Thank you for your amazing feedback guys!)



Today we are releasing a limited amount of early bird tickets for our talks series. Please click on the relevant links for your respective city to secure your ticket.

(Evening Session)
(Lunchtime Session)
(Evening Session)
(Evening Session)
(Evening Session)
(Lunchtime Session)
(Evening Session)

Early bird tickets are strictly limited and every single year they’ve sold out super quickly. In fact, MILANTRACE talks, in general, sell out really fast. So if you’re keen to come along, you know what you have to do. And be warned – no further events will be added for 2018, cause we’ve got other stuff to do too, ya know.

If you are travelling to Milan yourself, I am putting together our updated Milan Design Week Survival Kit & Our Must-See Milan Itinerary (also relevant for travel to Milan outside of Salone), followed by a Milan Design Week & Salone del Mobile 2018 Preview. OMG. Crazy. Excited!

Ciao for now, Milantracers.
Mama Yellowtrace xx


Milantrace 2017 Sydney Event. Photo by Nick Hughes | Yellowtrace
Locked and loaded for Milantrace 2017 first Sydney event. Photography © Nick Hughes/ Yellowtrace.

Milantrace 2017 Melbourne Event. Photo by Nick Hughes | Yellowtrace
Milantrace 2017 3rd Melbourne event. Photography © Nick Hughes/ Yellowtrace.

Milantrace 2014 / Brera, Photo by Nick Hughes | Yellowtrace
Milantrace 2014 moment in Brera. Photo by Nick Hughes.

Milantrace 2014 / Brera, Orto Botanico | Yellowtrace
Milantrace 2014 moment from Orto Botanico in Brera. Photo by Nick Hughes.

Milan Design Week 2016 Highlights, Palazzo Litta, Photo © Nick Hughes | #Milantrace2016
Milantrace 2016 moment from Palazzo Litta. Photo by Nick Hughes.

Milan Design Week 2017 Highlights, Pop-up restaurant at Nonostante Marras, Photo © Nick Hughes | #Milantrace2017
Milantrace 2017 moment at Nonostante Marras. Photo by Nick Hughes.

Milan Design Week 2017 Highlights, #TeamYellowtrace aka Nick Hughes & Dana Tomic Hughes at Wallpaper Saletti Cafe in Milan, Photo © Nick Hughes | #Milantrace2017
Milantrace 2017 moment with Tourismandhotels. Photo © Yellowtrace.


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