‘Irma’ by at the (YSP) in Wakefield, England. Image © .


‘Nuria + ‘Irma’ at YSP.


Same sculptures, slightly different setting – ‘Nuria + ‘Irma’, 2010.


“The Heart of Trees”, 2007. Also exhibited at .


‘Yorkshire Souls I, II and III’ at .


‘Spiegal’ at .


‘House of Knowledge’. View through to ‘Nuria’ + ‘Irma’ at .


Detail view of ‘House of Knowledge’.


View of ‘Spiegal’ at night.


Close-up view of ‘Nomad’, 2010.


View of ‘Nomad’ at night, 2010.


‘La Llarga Nit’ at .


‘Dialogue’, 2009.


‘In the Midst of Dreams’, 2009. Photo © Michael Bodycomb.


Portrait of  with ‘Kneeling Shadow’ at .


Ummm… So this is just a little bit amazing, no? Yes! You are looking at the work of Barcelona-born contemporary artist and sculptor , who is currently showing his first major UK exhibition at the  in Wakefield, England. You lucky people living in (or traveling to) England simply must go see this wonder. Do it for me. Please. By the way, you have until September 25th to get it together and go visit.

I particularly love how Jaume’s mesh sculptures ‘Nuria + ‘Irma’ are so grand and so delicate all at once. Their scale gives them an imposing sense of permanence. Their materiality makes them look so fragile and ephemeral, almost as though they are about to vanish right in front of your eyes. I can imagine standing in front of them (like the lady in the top image) and feeling too scared to exhale, as though my breath would make them fly away like dandelion parachutes.

Extreme love.

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У нашей организации авторитетный веб портал на тематику наливной пол стоимость.

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    Christine Amorose

    Love these! “The Nomad” was actually on display in Antibes, France last summer–right on the water–and there are heaps of those “La Llarga Nit” ones in the main square in Nice, France. These are awesome photos!

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    Went to see this exhibition last week when I was home in England – it is absolutely brilliant!


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