I am seriously in love with this red library! Image via .

This ultimate library space belongs to Karl Lagerfeld. Image via .

Beautiful library space I had the pleasure of visiting in person – studio Achille Castiglioni in Milan. Image via one of my old .

Heritage library love. Image via .

Photo by .

“Books do furnish a room”. Yes they do! Image via .

Fake it till you make it. Or something like that. D’espresso café interior in NY via .

Home of architect Pedro Useche in Sao Paolo, Brazil via .

– private library near Olivebridge, New York. Designed by Peter Gluck and Partners Architects. Extreme love!

Beautiful book sculpture via .


What is it about books? How do they manage to make a space so damn sexy I wonder? Is it because we all strive to be a bit smarter on some level, and feel as though a large mass of books is going to make us feel more intelligent? Or at least, make us appear that way in the eyes of others? But that’s enough with all the (silly) questions.

On a more serious note, as one of the images already suggests, books really do furnish a room. And they do it so well. Much better than a fancy wall finish, or a key piece of furniture ever could. Books create a sense of comfort and a certain warmth. They infuse a space with texture, colour, depth and character. In this increasingly digital and intangible world we live in, books and libraries give us a sense of security and the familiar, and at the same time they evoke a child-like wonder. I don’t know – maybe that’s just me. It is this combination of security and curiosity which personally allow me to think, and dream, and create…


Belén Street Studio by Elisa Valero Ramos. Image via .

Gotta love a bit of low bookshelf action, no? Image via .

Kathryn Tyler and Linea Studio. Image via .

House in Israel by , via .

I guess not all library spaces are created equal… This is a lovely “library stack” at Barbara Hill’s Houston Apartment via .

Look who it is again? Mr Karl Lagerfeld! Image via .

Casa da Escrita in Portugal, designed by João Mendes Ribeiro via .

Super duper cool LA loft via .

Photo by . See more of Patric’s work in my .

Sao Paulo apartment of Humberto Campana.

Barbican Foodhall and Loungein London, designed by .

By the way, this post was inspired by a I did a little while ago over on . Admittedly this is a bit of an extended version of , and also a kind of ‘Part II’ to my super early  which I put together in the very early beginnings of this blog. Ahhh… memories… like the corners of my mind… Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

x dana

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    Couldn’t agree more that books are a wonderful way to furnish a room. They give a great texture, but they also give a sense of the richness of knowledge that they contain. They suggest both history and possibility to me, and they show that a space really is inhabited.

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    I miss working in a book store…I’m running out of room for books at home…so many books, so little space.

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    100% agree. I absolutely adore books and have a copy of “Books Do Furnish a Room” at home. Particularly love the Heritage Library and Scholar’s Library above.

    Please note, I would like something very similar when Yellowtrace designs my home.


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