Designed by Phillip Mathieson & Harlan Redgen from Redgen Mathieson Architects, Little National Hotel in Canberra is an affordable luxury hotel comprising 120 rooms and showcasing an efficient use of space. The hotel recognises the community of travellers that seek a highly tailored and beautiful product that provides the essentials of accommodation with no compromises.

Little National is perched on top of a multi-story car park – not exactly an obvious choice for a hotel location, but therein lies the genius. With commanding views across Parliament House and the city, the Doma Group saw it as the perfect canvas to offer guests something truly unique and affordable through clever design from the team at Redgen Mathieson Architects.

Generous public areas are provided on each floor of the hotel; The Library caters for business needs with private and communal work areas, The Lounge incorporating an eclectic mix of furniture with two fireplaces and expansive glazing with views to Parliament House to the west and Mount Ainslie to the north. A sculptural spiral stair connects the Library and Lounge spaces. Commissioned artworks by Paper Engineer Benja Harney are located throughout the hotel interior, and feature representations of the Golden Sun Moth.



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    Kenneth Mason

    The reusing of space on top of a car park is wonderful. The generous public spaces look both comfortable and inviting. Enjoy having the choice to be ‘private or public’ within these open spaces.

    The photo of the sleeping room is both dark and small. The size is something that I can and have dealt with while traveling. The ‘darkness’ is another matter. Perhaps it is just the photograph. The box ‘like’ structure adds to the feeling of claustrophobia. If the room is as small as it looks, it needs some kind of detailing that softens it and also opens it up in size and light. For example some soft curves over the bed ( around the bed? ) would make it feel more womb like and less like a coffin.

    The stair case is a beautiful structure. But it is closed off to open viewing. An opening that becomes larger as you walk up the staircase ( or down ) would help to open one public area to another, or in some way link the two together. It has a feeling, to me, of a blank canvas–just waiting for something, bold graphics, colors or an opening of some kind. Not a ‘busy’ design, but something pleasing and inviting.


    PS. Am I writing too many of these? And do they mean anything? Anyone reading them?


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