is an Australian artist who creates beautiful and fantastical works you could jump right into and get lost! Her pieces are exotic and engaging, “exploring themes such as memory, inside/outside, the domestic and self”, while drawing from personal & cultural experiences, textiles, architecture, and design to name a few.

Featured Project // ‘Unicorns & Alchemy’ at , running from 3-24 April 2012.

Why it Rocks // Miranda’s work is layered with colour, pattern, imagery and emotions… it speaks from the heart. We are also loving her accents of so-hot-right-now shades of neon. Nice one Miranda!

Below is a little Q&A with the artist.


‘Wolf Dreams and the Spirit World’ 2012. Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas, 153 x 137cm


+ What was your inspiration for the show – i.e was it a result of a specific brief, a particular concept, your favourite song or a book etc?

The title of the show ‘Unicorns and Alchemy’ refers to unrestrained fantasy and wonder, and I’ve used the term ‘alchemy’ very broadly. It pertains to the nature of my painting process, one which embraces accident and and uncertainty, and allows the paint to take on ‘a life of it’s own.’ But whilst it can be a very experimental process, it is also very concrete and purposeful. The Animal Kingdom is a recurring theme within my practice, and animals are used allegorically and as a vehicle to explore the nature of humanity. Just as important, they are there because of my obsessive love and fascination with the natural world.

+ What do you love about the show?

That it’s accessible to everyone – I’m not interested in creating pictures which are impenetrable. I wish to create a space of joy, fantasy and opulence, where the viewer is able to engage both emotionally and physically, to walk into a world where anything is possible.

‘Fire Triangle and Leopard’ 2012. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 153 x 137cm.


+ Did you learn anything during the design/production of the exhibition? Would you have done anything differently?

Yes, not so sure I’ll be in a hurry to squirt almost entire (small) tubes of paint directly onto the canvas again – a pain to pack the works and send to the gallery!!! Those ‘squirts’ of paint will take years to dry (literally).

‘Abstracted Owl’ 2012. Mixed media on Arches paper, perspex frame, 49 x 36cm.


+ Any other interesting/ funny/ quirky facts you could share with us?

Hmmm, not really, but for the sake of answering the question…..I utilise EVERY last minute when preparing for a show. I always dream of being as cool as a cucumber when my photographer arrives to shoot the works, but I’m literally standing beside him, brush in hand, often adding to the work right before he shoots it (and sometimes even after, which has gotten me into trouble before!!). At the opening night, one group of people were debating, whilst I stood there, if the image on the invitation had run into trouble at the printer’s. I had to explain that, as is often the case, I had tinkered with it after it had been photographed!!

+ Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Best piece of advice I’ve been given, would be, to enjoy what I do, and not concern myself with what others may think of my work. I think since becoming a mother, I’ve really embraced what I do, as self indulgent as it is, I paint for me – Im not concerned with making grand statements. I am a very tactile person, I love the physicality of paint and the painting process, and I very much hope that is evident when standing before my work!!! They are honest and they are positive, that speaks to people!!!

‘Bear Mountain’ 2012. Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas, 168 x 137cm.


+ If you were not an artist, what would you be?

Possibly an interior designer. Creating a beautiful, happy, vibrant home is paramount for me. My home is a reflection of my experiences, and a reminder of who I want to be, what I’ve seen, where I’ve been, who I’ve met, where I’m yet to go. Alain De Botton , of course, put it so perfectly when he said ‘home is the guardian of our identity.’ That really resonated with me – as my home nourishes and fuels my creativity, and sense of self, like nothing else. OR a Zoo Keeper, I just LOVE animals!!!!

‘The Purple Nest’ 2012. Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas, 153 x 137cm.


+ Nothing inspires me like…

Nature, engaging with different cultures, books, interior and fashion magazines, art, design, food, colour, people, architecture, music, ummmm pretty much everything!!!

+ I am really good at…

COLOUR! It’s what I know, and what I rarely second guess. I love to create harmony with my palettes, to invite the viewer in, but in a surprising manner – for there to always be a sense of the unexpected.

‘Diamond Eyes’ 2012. Mixed media on Arches paper, perspex frame, 49 x 36cm


+ Most people don’t know that I…

…am actually quite shy. They see my large, colourful paintings, and my, at times, bold fashion choices and assume I’m super confident! I can be a bit loud and over the top, but that’s just my darn nervous energy getting the better of me! ;)

Portrait of Miranda Skoczek.


‘A Distant and Magical Realm’ 2012. Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas, 153 x 137cm

[Images of artworks by Jeremy Dillon // Portrait by courtesy of .]

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    Lovely work, beautiful colours and subject matter!
    Nice way to start the week : )

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    Love! Almost scary – there’s something dark about these despite the beautiful use of colour. Would love one on my wall…sigh.

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    Nikola Holt

    The colours she uses are so captivating. I love that unicorn print.


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