Established in 2011,  is a Melbourne based studio emerging from an architectural base. Since graduating with a Master of Architecture in 2008, Rosanna Ceravolo has sought to combine her architectural skills with her passion for craftsmanship and product design to create timeless furniture of the highest quality.

Featured Project // Rosanna’s debut furniture collection, which was exhibited at  (19 – 22nd July 2012) in Melbourne.

Why It Rocks // The products in this range are nostalgic, elegant and seductive. Each piece was custom designed and hand crafted in Melbourne using quality, natural materials and finishes.

Below is a little Q&A with Rosanna.


Enzo Sideboard // Solid American Walnut // 680 high x 2200 wide x 460 deep.

+ What was your inspiration for the collection – i.e was it a result of a specific brief, a particular concept, your favourite song or a book etc?

This collection initially came about as a commission for a residential client who was after timber furniture pieces that were unique, robust, elegant and comfortable. The Vieni table in particular was designed as a sculptural element that could work in any space. The brief was to make it look more like an engaging object than a bulky kitchen table. Obviously it still looks like a kitchen table, but it owns the space rather than the space owning it. I guess that’s what I aimed to achieve with all the pieces in this collection.

I was very much inspired by one of the all time greats of industrial design – Gio Ponti.  The sense of materiality, applied pattern and texture, as well as the disconcerting, sublime proportions of his work are present in this collection.

Enzo Side Table // Solid American Walnut // 680 high x 550 wide x 460 deep.

+ What do you love about this collection?

I love the emotional sensation I get from these pieces. They are not simply practical furniture items but objects teeming with personality. They are tactile, sculptural and engaging. I love the natural beauty and warmth of timber. With these pieces I have aimed to enhance the natural qualities of the materials to achieve a play of light and shadow which brings the product to life in a subtle, beautiful way.  The Enzo sideboard is full of texture and depth. It changes with the light and time of day, which is lovely…and a bit architectural.

Vieni Dining Table // Solid American Oak // 750 high x 1200 diameter.

+ Did you learn anything during the design and production of these pieces? Would you have done anything differently?

I learnt just how pedantic I can be.

Through the production process I learnt a bit more about the practical side of construction.  I like to explore the limits of materials but with that inevitably comes an understanding of what those limits actually are.

+ Any other interesting/ funny/ quirky facts you could share with us?

The applied pattern to the sideboard went through approximately 5 incarnations until I arrived at a design that I was happy with in terms of composition and pragmatics. Many discussions were had with the fabricators regarding the construction of the doors, and there was a great sense of satisfaction on all our parts once we saw the finished product.

Melina Queen Bed // Solid American Walnut //1200 high x 2300 wide x 1630 deep.

 + Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

It’s ok to like nice things. I gave myself that advice really. Actually, it’s more like post justification.

The best advice I have received in design terms? Keep it simple.

+ If you were not an architect/ product designer, what would you be?

A food critic. Getting paid to taste food and then be able to say exactly what I think of it? Hello!

Melina Queen Bed // Details.

+ Nothing inspires me like…

Travelling. New York has been my most inspiring experience to date.

Carlo Scarpa.

Steel framed casement windows.

+ I am really good at…


+ Most people don’t know that I…

Don’t love Helvetica as much as I ought to.

Rosanna Ceravolo.

[Images courtesy of Rosanna Ceravolo. Photography by Alessandro Lococo.]

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