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Here we go with Part 02 of Mark Leib’s epic review of .

Today you can read about  in Shoreditch, a new boutique and stylish venue, as well as  in Brick Lane which is dedicated to younger edgier designers and students.

Take it away Mark!

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“The dwelling lab” by Patricia Urquiola and Giulio Ridolfo.

Danish textile manufacturer , designers Patricia Urquiola, Giulio Ridolfo, and BMW Group Design Director Adrian van Hooydonk and his team created a design installation, “The Dwelling” Lab”, was shown previously in Milan this year.

“Blending their creative and technological expertise, the unique sculpture is based on an innovative car concept. The installation by Patricia Urquiola and Giulio Ridolfo features the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. Urquiola and Ridolfo have translated this concept into a design sculpture whose most daring elements – huge cone-like structures that seem to be growing out of the car’s body, draw the viewer inward just as they reveal the usually sealed-off interior to the outside gaze.”

Right image – “Sparrows on aerials” soft furnishings by .

Left – “Tripod” low stool by Voonwong & Bensonsaw for .

Right – “Mollis “ easy chair by Artur Moustafa + Jonas Nordgren for .

Details from The Tramshed.

Left – the upper level was taken over by furniture company , one of our bespoke furniture manufacturers. They installed a full workshop for the duration of the event where they were making furniture in the space. I had a strange moment when Robert Downey Jr. walked in as I was talking with the studio manager! (Random!)

Right – The light is called “Marnie”, made of fire retardant gauze by .

The Tramshed event in Shoreditch is a new design exhibition, initiated by ’s founding director Luis de Oliveira, and delivered by respected design-event experts Deborah Spencer and Alice Breed. The Tramshed featured 25 international brands exhibiting in a striking post-industrial venue, originally used as an electricity power generating station for the Shoreditch tram system.

This collaborative showcase presented design brands including – showing the new range from , , , , Watch Store, ,  and .

Tent London on Brick Lane. Signage Spitafields market on the left.

Left – detail of courtyard table at Tent. Right – “Net“ barstool by Sam Johnson for .

This is a handsome stool; it is very comfortable for a wire seat and is stable – so no falling out through a monster tequila session. And its made in the UK, in lovely Cornwall.

Kingston Uni Art and design faculty MA degree show.

Left – Kingston Uni design alumni exhibition.

Right – “Fossil” collection by . Israeli industrial designer showed a beautiful collection of stools made by casting concrete onto soft fabric molds.

“Gipsy furniture collection” by .

The first collection from Hungarian designers Attila F Kovacs and Zsuzsa Megyesi was without doubt, hands down, my favourite from the whole festival. Their work is damn clever, rustic-sexy and fun. Brilliant stuff. I already have one project I’m definitely going to specify the lamps in. And, they do great interiors work too. Yes, ok,I am a just a little jealous!

The pieces have been inspired by gipsy culture.The “Bogracs” lamp is an enameled steel shade with handle that hangs on an adjustable spring. The table is called “Tuzhely” meaning bonfire/afterglow – it is painted hardwood and comes with a built in camping stove.

“Bodon” enamelled steel wine cooler and stool finished with a range of traditionally embroidered cushions. On the top of the stool is the Berret version without embrodery!! Just visible is the gold finished cast “bracelet “ with their logo.

(Mark, we are SO on the SAME PAGE my friend. I heart this collection so much. I blogged about it just . It looks even better in your photos from the ones I posted . Extremely extreme love!)

Left – “Banana bowl” by Harry Allen for New York manufacturer . Right – Cute ceramics by .

 showed “Everyday Delights”. They challenged London based designers to reinvent the classic yellow duster in a way that we never imagined before.  The project aimed to use the most banal everyday object – the duster – to promote the creativity of London’s contemporary design scene.

Georgian and Victorian reclaimed roof tile birdhouses by .

Ummm Mark – what is this? Anyway, it’s pretty…

Kingston Uni Art & Design Faculty MA degree show – Beautiful and clever investigations into water jet cut sculptural forms, material and cutlery by William Hardie – email williamhardie29[at]

Kingston Uni Art & Design Faculty MA degree show – A domestic air conditioner made from a trumpet, copper tubes cooled with ice in a glass bowl and a fan. A subtle and alluring project by Marianthai Vezerti – email mvezertz[at]

All photos by Mark Leib for .

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