MINDCRAFT15 by GamFratesi, Milan Design Week 2015 | Photo © Nick Hughes / Yellowtrace


This year Milan Design Week hit a high note for me reasonably early – Day 2 (of 6 days we attended), sometime in the afternoon of Tuesday April 14th. The day was warm and the sun was smiling on us, colouring everything in perfect golden shades. We entered the spectacular historical venue the Chiostro Minore di San Simpliciano in Brera to see MINDCRAFT15 – an exhibition curated by GamFratesi, presenting the best of Danish craft and design.

My heart was in my throat as I had such high expectations of this show, and I was trying to fight the feeling. I hate having high expectations, or any expectations in Milan for that matter, as I’m super conscious they can taint my experience. So I did everything I could to clear my mind and enter with no expectations. I can’t say I was entirely successful in clearing my head, but once the exhibition was upon me… I… Lost. My. Breath. Not in a million years could I expect to see what was in front of me, with gentle music playing on the speakers setting the perfect scene. I stood there speechless and in awe.

As you may recall, I mentioned MINDCRAFT15 in our Must Do Milan List, as I always had a hunch this exhibition was ‘The One’ not to miss. After all, it’s curators and creators, Stine Gam & Enrico Fratesi, are easily two of my favourite designers working today across any field. Big statement for someone who eats design for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks, but I absolutely stand by it.

Their idea behind MINDCRAFT was to explore the span between experimenting, innovative and conceptual design, and sublime artistic and technical proficiency in Danish craft and design. GamFratesi framed the MINDCRAFT concept with the exhibition theme ‘In Between’, reflecting the fact that Danish craftspeople and designers work in a field of tension in between mind and craft.


MINDCRAFT15 by GamFratesi, Milan Design Week 2015 | Photo © Nick Hughes / YellowtraceMINDCRAFT15 by GamFratesi, Milan Design Week 2015 | Photo © Nick Hughes / Yellowtrace


“In between mind and craft
in between space and people
in between visitor and exhibit
in between concept and product
in between appearance and interpretation.We believe in the space in between.
In projects based on a concept and formed by craft.
A combination that generates reflection.The exhibition highlights the space in between and aims to inspire reflections on the subject and space. A modular mirror floor in the courtyard creates a physical reflection, giving rise to a surreal sense of space. The works are symbolically protected by wire metal domes, which create an encapsulated space In the exhibition’s focus on material and design philosophy, the history of the place, reflected by the mirrors, enters into direct communication with the works to remind us of our origins and forge a relationship between past and present.” – GamFratesi


MINDCRAFT15 by GamFratesi, Milan Design Week 2015 | Photo © Nick Hughes / YellowtraceMINDCRAFT15 by GamFratesi, Milan Design Week 2015 | Photo © Nick Hughes / Yellowtrace


This exhibition went on to set a high benchmark for the rest of our week. Although I hate comparisons, it was impossible not to measure all our experiences and put them through the “GamFratesi factor”, which, to date, has never once failed to leave me breathless, speechless, and move me to tears. Dearest Stine & Enrico, I bow to you in deepest admiration and respect. Extreme love to the power of 10.


MINDCRAFT15 video courtesy Robert Andriessen /

From late September 2015 until late January 2016, MINDCRAFT15 will be on display at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen.




[Installation photography © Nick Hughes/ Yellowtrace. Video © Robert Andriessen/ designguide.tv.]


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