Barcelona-based decorative lighting studio Parachilna was born from the passion for luxury, design honesty, and the value placed on noble materials and manual production. The company recently launched three new collections by superstar designers Jaime Hayón, Neri&Hu and , comprising wall, floor, table and ceiling lamps, both for indoor and outdoor use.

The brand’s long term collaborator, Jaime Hayón, has designed the Lighto series, inspired by a “Dejà Vu” image that’s been turned into something completely modern and new. With Hayón’s signature playful and timeless aesthetic, the lights feature marble bases and super high-end metal tops and bars in a select range of colours.

Shanghai-based Neri&Hu also continue their collaboration with Parachilna, this time designing a collection that can work both indoor and outdoor. “Those who have travelled to Shanghai or Hong Kong will know that in these cities, as in many others in Asia, the concept of indoors/outdoors is a fine line that is easily ignored,” shares Parachilna. In response, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu have turned the concept of Chinese lanterns on its head, responding with their “The Denglong Collection” of ceiling and floor lamps.

If Parachilna was clear about anything from the start, it was that they would base their products on semi-noble materials like brass, glass, marble… all the materials most other companies in the industry don’t want to touch these days. And above all, they would never lay their hands on “vile plastic”. It took the Toronto-based architectural studio Partisans, headed up by Alex Josephson, to give everyone a good “slap” and thus make the brand set aside its prejudices. The result is Gweilo, a collection of floor and table lamps made from acrylic sheets that are moulded by hand over the heat of an oven. Each individual light looks similar to the next, but no two are ever the same. This presents a great paradox – plastic, synonymous with “mass production”, is transformed by Parachilna into a material used to make unique pieces.

Parachilna is available in Australia exclusively from .


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