Conceived as a gathering space for the local community, appears approachable, pared back and aligned to the casual Australian vernacular. The interior by Fiona Lynch balances robust and refined elements to deliver an inviting tone that speaks of informal gatherings and stories told around the fireplace or veranda of the home.

A monolithic bar clad in Japanese hand-glazed tiles holds the space, while a fawn-toned banquette brims the restaurant perimeter. Soft, loose-linen drapery and bespoke steel shelving strike a lowered datum through the interior, giving a sense of intimacy in the otherwise lofty site.

The diaphanous curtain filters natural light and obscures views to the busy streetscape beyond. Bespoke details and hand-crafted components add interest and charm. Circular stone discs are ‘folded’ to form a small benchtop and wall feature; an appealing perching place for two. The deeply veined and earthy finish of the stone is offset against a crisp white wall, forming a run that leads to Pembroke’s gallery courtyard. Soft, discreet lighting adds ambience, while the white fittings dissolve against the site’s white backdrops, drawing focus to the folded porcelain fittings that proudly reflect the hand of their maker.

In collaboration with local sculptor , Fiona Lynch developed a bespoke pendant that extends the length of the bar. The hand-beaten finish of the bronze channel gives a crumpled texture, reflecting light from its multifaceted metallic surface to produce a striking, shimmering quality. The pendant is a hallmark of Pembroke’s interior that encapsulates Fiona Lynch’s experimental and collaborative design ethos.


Visit Pembroke Bar & Kitchen at 147 Union Rd, Surrey Hills VIC.


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