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In the recent years, our Photography category started to get pretty bulky as it encompassed quite a few topics packaged into one. This year we are splitting out Photography into its own stand-alone roundup, with a sprinkle of Art Direction and a healthy dose of Random Fun (aka Design Free Thursday) thrown in for good measure and an occasional laugh.

If you’re confused with the sheer breadth and an apparent randomness of this roundup – don’t be. This selection perfectly demonstrates the philosophy of Yellowtrace, which acknowledges the importance of being across many creative disciplines, even those we may not be working within directly. Our belief is that creativity is contagious, and good design needs to be informed by many, many disciplines and facets of the world we live in.


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Photography Archive 2017 | Yellowtrace


1. Herero Tribe in Namibia Photographed by Jim Naughten.
2. The Woman Who Never Existed: Photography Project by Anja Niemi.
3. Dreamy Photography Installations by Dutch Duo Freudenthal/Verhagen.
4. Hypnotic Double Exposure Portraits Welcome the Year of Endless Possibilities.
5. Uncanny Eye Candy by Brooke DiDonato.
6. Wonjun Jeong Captures Floating Ethereal Images in the Sky.


Photography Archive 2017 | Yellowtrace


7. European Building Foyers Photographed by Romain Laprade.
8. Mesmerising Cloud Explosions by Ken Hermann.
9. Hermès Campaign Shot Inside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
10. Mark Dorf’s Surreal Mix of Photography & Digital Media.
11. Marble District by Francesco Luciani.
12. “The Infinite Now” by Australian Photographer Ray Collins & Dutch Cinematographer Armand Dijcks.


Photography Archive 2017 | Yellowtrace


13. Index 2006-2016 by Belgian Photographer Frederik Vercruysse.
14. ‘Plastic Ocean’ by Thirza Schaap.
15. Alicia Taylor’s Debut Photographic Exhibition ‘Above and Below’.
16. Comfort Zone by Tadao Cern.
17. MeError by Leonardo Magrelli.
18. The Mysterious Hare by Jan Pypers.


Photography Archive 2017 | Yellowtrace


19. ‘Among Buildings’ by Tom Ross, Michael Roper & Stuart Geddes.
20. ‘Upgrade: Home Extensions, Alterations & Refurbishments’ by Gestalten.
21. Inside Utopia: Visionary Interiors & Futuristic Homes.
22. The Venice Book by Sophie Ullin.
23. Where They Create, Japan by Photographer Paul Barbera.
24. 3+2: Durbach Block Jaggers Book.



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