Poliform unveils the new Mondrian sofa from world-renowned French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. First introduced at Salone del Mobile earlier this year, the Mondrian’s Australian debut brings complete comfort and compositional freedom to the Poliform collection.

This innovative sofa design blends graphic and modern elements with a strong architectural influence. Based on a minimal floating structure, Mondrian encompasses an orderly criss-cross of modular armrests, seat and backrest cushions of various sizes. A versatile system, which can be customised by size or style and conceived to be combined with a wide range of accessories: from different-sized cushions, a selection of armrests and integrated coffee tables, to the backrests fitted with shelves. Massuad and Poliform have spent an extensive amount of time perfecting the Mondrian to achieve balance and versatility paired with a light and sophisticated vibe.

Massaud’s impressive breadth of work with Poliform spans over 7 years, from the Paris Seoul sofa to the bestselling Ventura collection. The long standing collaboration between Massaud and Poliform continues to strengthen the collection.

Poliform has long been a destination for a luxurious sofa collection all about equipping consumers and designers with the opportunity to customise and craft unique interiors through quality, style and materiality. The company’s fine craftsmanship and use of beautiful and high-quality materials have been passed on through generations. Founded in 1970, Poliform’s historical ties date back even further, to a circa 1942 artisan business. This constant search for quality and superior design has lead to a strong stable of pieces. Mondrian joins 11 other sofas in the collection, all beautifully detailed, reflecting a relentless resolve to make products that will last.

Poliform is exclusively available from Poliform’s Sydney and Melbourne showrooms. For more information, visit their .


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    So, I go to the trouble to make a comment on this article. And yet when I go back to look at it again, days later, my comments are not there! Do you delete them or do you consider any criticism as unacceptable?

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    You have attributed the Piet Mondrian title to this suite of furniture, wrongly.
    This in no way reflects the style and thinking of Mondrian.

    I am surprised that you allow this form of plagiarism.


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