Relics Today is an exhibition of sculpture and design objects by some of Australia’s leading ceramicists, which recently opened at Melbourne gallery Modern Times.

The show brings together unique works by Melbourne’s , , , and , Hana Vasak of , Sydney based Alichia van Rhijn of , and Brisbane’s , delivering a stunning assemblage of collectable pieces.

Delving into ceramic objects via the lens of archaeology, Relics Today considers function, style, artistic expressions of form and colour as a reflection of Australia’s contemporary domestic experiences.

Juxtaposing the individual practices of these prominent ceramic artists within a home-style living space of the Modern Times gallery, Relics Today looks at this timeless medium and its place within present-day living.

Potent with influences from across the globe, each artist’s oeuvre presents a distinctive and particular narrative of this time, this place, this life. From the innovative approaches in glazing and form by Nicolette Johnson, the brazen designs of Tessy King, or the laboriously hand constructed works Zhu Ohmu to the curious faces of Peta Armstrong, a picture of ceramic evolution manifests in a distinguished array of works.

“Through these objects, we turn to the act of observing and reflecting on our culture, its comforts and style, much in the way that archaeologists examine remnants of ancient civilizations. The artisans that make these pieces transcribe our experiences, influences and inspirations exposing the innovation and creativity of our species,” comments exhibition’s curator Irina Asriian.


Relics Today runs until 25th July 2018 at Modern Times, 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy.


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