Inspired by the simple shape of a nail, Clou is a collection of side tables created by Beirut-based designer . A nail or “Clou” in French is an extended metallic piece used to connect two objects to each other. It consists of a flat end, sometimes enlarged, called a header and a body usually ending with a pointed shape. The concept of “clou” is to use the whole entity as a coffee / side table.

“Clou” is available in two different materials, composed of a flat surface or a header, forming the table top and a pointed ending pyramid which creates the bottom. The edition consists of a table made from Pentelic (Greek marble) or treated steel, each forming the shape of an exaggerated flat header and body, connected to a pedestal made from the same material. The table tops and bases can also be mixed and matched to suit, or even used as a oversized sculptural nail laying on the floor.

“The table reflects double symbolism – sadism and alliance. When the nail is forced to penetrate the base, part of its body is buried in the second element/ material. Once done, the two elements are now attached – regardless the pain, they become one.”


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[Photos by BizarreBeirut.]


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