is a celebration of Japanese culture through food and beverage, with a primary focus on sake. Created by an international team from Japan, Europe, and North America, the concept is rooted in promoting the sake industry and Japanese culture on a global scale.

Located in Hong Kong‘s historic Police Married Quarters, Sake Central acts as an educational and multifunctional retail and event space. Designed by Hong Kong-based , each room features traditional Japanese indigo blue, woven tatami mat sliding doors, and dramatic custom lighting.

The Cultural Pavilion is the first room in Sake Central and serves as a promotional spotlight on each of Japan’s 47 prefectures. Working with prefectural governments and Japanese PR agencies, this room is filled with cultural items that best represent the prefectures being featured. The Brand Showcase next door allows individual producers to take the stage in a room that highlights artisans of Japanese products. The Curated Collection room highlights all things related to Japanese culture – everything from books and magazines to handmade glassware and ceramics can be found in this room.

Bar Sake Central features an innovative and seasonal menu of otsumami from Chef Loki Lok that changes based on the prefectures being showcased in the Cultural Pavilion. As one of the best ways to truly understand Japanese culture is by experiencing its food and beverage first-hand, the 16-seat bar provides guests with more than just a retail space. The bar can accommodate intimate tastings or be opened up to bigger groups as an izakaya. The remaining areas of Sake Central serve as retail space for both pasteurized and unpasteurized sake.


Sake Central, S109-113, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central Hong Kong.

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