I spotted these super awesome limited edition prints by (shown above) which made me squeal with excitement. Literally. They are cunning, witty, clever and so much fun! And you can buy them .

After seeing these, my ferocious curiosity got the better of me once again, and I lost hours exploring Sarah’s incredible . Oh my. This woman is so bloody talented, it’s ridiculous.



So who is ? She is actually difficult to sum up in a single sentence, and her work almost impossible to categorise. But what the heck – I’m going to give it a go.

Sarah is a conceptual artist/ 3D illustrator/ set designer/ photographer/ all around mega talented and super clever chick. Based in Berlin, Sarah’s work is made by hand using various techniques such as knitting, embroidery, paper sculptures, drawings, models, installations, photography etc. The basis of her work is almost always about manipulating one thing into looking as something entirely different.



Sarah currently works as a freelancer for the likes of , ,, and . Yes, she is definitely known and sought after all over the place.

Whatever she creates, it is done with a healthy dose of humour, and her work is always meticulous and exquisitely executed. And anyone who creates an image of a pig using pork products as per Exhibit A is a dead-set legend in my books. Enough said.



[Discovered via and .]


Нашел в интернете нужный веб сайт , он описывает в статьях про продвижение сайта одесса www.progressive.ua

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