It was that time of year again when those vague “I’ll drop into the showroom sometime” promises finally come to fruition and designers gorge on concerning doses of baked goods, cheese, wine and champagne while perusing a range of local and international products. Yes, last Saturday, Melbourne hosted this year’s  event.

For those who aren’t local or those who were not brave enough to face the gloom that was Melbourne’s weather, here’s a little round up of the day’s events.

Standouts for me included and  whose juicy range of freshly launched products deserve a blog post on their own. and both had the most striking styling, as did . black balloon installation for was the most intriguing and was just plain fun.

Fellow Saturday in Design go-ers, what did you see and love?



 went hard with the colour blocking, creating perfectly styled environments by V Arch.


 temporarily relocated to the stunning space at Rokeby Studio. It was a mix of old favourites and plenty of new products, all flawlessly styled.


Another Melbourne local, , relaunched their brand, dropping the “outdoor” part of the name and releasing new wire chairs “The Volley” alongside new planters.


 Melbourne made furniture and joinery were my favourite last SiD. Some killer styling on the top floor in black, white and neon ensured it didn’t disappoint this year.


After lusting over Gubi’s catalogue, it was a treat to see Gubi pieces launched in the flesh at


at Corporate Culture.


At corded seats were assembled throughout the day and later auctioned. Leather upholstery remnants were made into wrist straps in the showroom. There was more to see here but my photography failed me. Boo.


installation of cascading black balloons for


paired up with to create this outdoor festive fringed curtain so I could momentarily forget that my boots were not soaking wet. Shorter lengths of ribbon with “wishes” were used to enter the door prize. I’m not sure who wrote the wishes but they made me giggle. So true.


temporary space by .


shredded their products into little confetti pieces for their colourful photobooth.


Custom carpets and rugs by .


Interface commissioned six artists and designers to create installations using their products. The work of (left) and  (right) pictured above.


An undulating sculpture using EchoPanel and a layered wall using fabrics from .


No disrespect to chilled water but it must be pretty tough to make chilled water dispensers seem vaguely fun. installation for  was drawing in the crowds. I even spotted people dancing in there.


 and  teamed with to create this geometric, hyper-coloured space.


Lighting designer and furniture designer at the DQ Collective. If you haven’t been to Christopher Boots’ website, go now.


Checked out  to see those fireplaces I keep specifying and that keep getting cut out. One day. Gorgeous greenery by .


New talent was exhibited at including the delicately detailed “Tryst” stool by Tate Anson (left), “Ida Side Table” by Campbell Yule and Anastasia Tubert and “Unfold Desk” by David Harwick.


An emerging artist sketching for as part of their “Artists at Work” program. Somewhere between the twenty two showrooms I’ve lost her name…anyone know?


The open air precinct. The vibe was like a mini music festival, but replace instruments with machines that make moulded cups, metal bowls and turned timber. The makers gave these out to the visitors.

[Photos by  for yellowtrace.]

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    Wow, that is such a great round-up! I didn’t get around to seeing them all so thanks for sharing the good bits! Can’t believe you didn’t mention the donuts at Temperature though!

    • Avatar

      So glad to hear I filled in the gaps for you Lauren!

      As for the donuts, it was all fun and games until I spilled the hot jam ALL over my camera. Fail! Had I not been a total clutz-o-rama and ruined it for myself I probably would have raved about them!

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    Great write up of the day. Pity the weather was average… The artist in the photo whose name you forgot is Grace McKellar, an architect/artist. This is her blog:

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    Wei Jien

    The Artist at Work is Grace McKellar – very talented young artist and architecture graduate!


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