How often do you hear the saying “They don’t make them like they used to”? Umm… all the time. Because it is true – we live in the world of faster/ cheaper/ more!! Well, this one-off piece of furniture is here to say STICK-IT to mass-production and to show that exquisite craftsmanship is still possible.

Called Soot, this piece was designed by Kristoffer Fagerström of  for Swedish cabinetmaker  to demonstrate her skills while studying at . The brief was to create a desk that doesn’t reveal everything at a first glance and that stands out in a discreet way.

Kristoffer designed an architect’s ‘black box’ that combines the old analogue approach of built-in rulers, hidden magnets and sketch-paper rolls (such as !) but also includes modern conveniences like USB hubs and power outlets. The cabinet is made using swedish pine veneer laid in herringbone pattern, then charred black on the outside. Huh? I didn’t even know you could do that!

This desk a one-off creation and  and  are investigating possibilities of developing it into a limited edition series.


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    Oliver @ Sabi Style

    Extraordinary indeed.
    And beautiful in its apparent simplicity.

    I really do love it when I see something beautiful that has been so well designed. You can just imagine sitting there thinking I wish it had a… of wait it does, they’ve thought of that!

    I love the herringbone design – it makes me chuckle beacause with I think of a traditional Swedish dish I think of Herrings (pickled or ferented).

    But unlike Surströmming this doesn’t stink to high heaven!


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