In my professional opinion, this project is what I like to refer to as “the shit”. You know – as in shit-hot amazeballs-type-interior. Also known as extreme love. It’s beauty alone could break many eyeballs and melt the internet. So what is it? I’m so glad you asked. As the title of the post suggests, Sweet Alchemy is a pastry shop designed by a Greek firm  for a celebrity pastry chef .



Argh, where do I start? It’s all too good really. The dialogue between the refined detailing and the robust materials creates an incredible sense of tension and drama. Floor-to-ceiling bronze grid shelving gives the illusion of a golden cage, set agains the raw concrete walls and untreated timber floor. Layer upon layer of beautiful materials, fine lines of joinery elements and display cabinets, careful manipulation of transparency and views, patterns and textures, theatrical lighting, impeccable display of produce – these are just some of the things that make this project one of the most exciting retail interiors I’ve seen in ages. And I seriously mean that. It’s sexy, sassy and delicious, but also gutsy and not too overdone. It just works. All of it. F*ck yeah.

Sweet Alchemy Pastry Shop – Kolokotroni 9 // Athens, Greece.

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    melina wilkins

    i love reading your reviews, they are full of life and energy!.. what you feature is very cool too. this one in particular is awesome, anything to do with great design and sweet foods is a sure winner. :) mel

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    Bisera Gondevska

    Aaaaaah, great article, thanks for sharing…… and not only the pics but a nicely & seductively thought out description of why this actually made an impact on you. Love following your blog when I can, it’s one of my top inspirations for my own blog. Keep up the crazy amazing articles that make us smile :) Thanks!

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    You’re the best Dana. I know that I speak on behalf of many when I say that we really appreciate your sharp eye and passionate no-bull insight.


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